Thursday, October 23, 2008

What Was That?!

So I'm in my 18th week now and I have hit a major milestone in my pregnancy -- I felt the baby move! Well, at least I think I did. It was like a little spasm. It has happened pretty much everyday since last Friday, so I'm fairly certain that it's our lil one letting his or her presence be known.

Headaches and heartburn have paid me a few visits this week. In addition, the nighttime visits to the potty seem to be increasing. Matt's a bit grumpy about it because I wake him at least 3 times a night when I get in and out of bed.

Another reason I have trouble sleeping is because I am trying to sleep on my left side. Apparently sleeping on my back, which is how I normally sleep, is not conducive to optimal blood flow for me and the baby. It's hard to get used to. I wake up numerous times a night to Matt saying "on your side." Hopefully tonight will be better because my wonderful mom and grandma just brought me a body pillow to help me sleep on my side more comfortably.

On Sunday, we picked up the crib, changing table and dresser from Babies R Us. The color looks black on the site, but it is dark brown. I have chosen this bedding set if it's a boy. It has the cutest accessories! For a girl, I haven't been able to find anything yet that I love.

The countdown continues...

Check back next Tuesday to find out if it's a boy or a girl!

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alovinggranny said...

Bless ur heart this is awesome news. This is the best part, life in motion. Donna