Sunday, February 27, 2011

Less Than One Month...

Matty has not eaten in his high chair for almost 6 months, but there it stands in its corner of the dining room, untouched, yet proud, knowing it did a darn good job. Today I cleaned it thoroughly and will be making room for it in the garage until we need it again one day, but for now, it will go into retirement.

I simply cannot believe 23 months ago yesterday, Matty was born. That means there is less than once month until he is two! Two. Although I joked here that I cannot wait for him to be two, it is hard to believe. Every day my baby is waging war against "baby"hood and the packing away of his high chair makes me sad. Ah, well at least I still have the diapers to cling to ;)

There will soon be an empty space where you stand, Mr. High Chair. Even though we burdened you with crumbs, sauce, and all things sticky, you were reliable, loyal, and never complained. Tonight, I dedicate this blog to you...


Monday, February 21, 2011

Music Monday

I know we are all ready for spring, but tonight's song makes me want to fast forward to December! I simply could not wait almost a year to share it, but yes, tonight's song is technically a Christmas kinda song, but too bad ;)

"All I Want for Christmas is Us," by Tristan Prettyman and Jason Mraz is the cutest, sweetest, sexiest song. Ever. What makes it even better, it that these two awesome musicians have also recently gotten engaged! If their interaction in this video doesn't melt your heart, you need a dose of love potion #9. Seriously.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Love Is

I wanted to post this for Valentine's Day, but I'm still going to do so now because we should appreciate love everyday, right? Here are some of my favorite lovely love inspired items on Etsy:

And here's my own little creative contribution to love, an acrostic poem that I wrote a few years ago:

lemon scented Sundays
over coffee covered kisses.
voice of my lover
echoing babies and grey hair.

intensity in simplicity,
sleeping in his spine.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Music Monday

Being that it's Valentine's Day, I chose a song that expresses my love for my two favorite guys {Matty and hubby}..."In My Life" by The Beatles. Today and everyday, they are the greatest inspiration in my little world.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dear Matty

A few of my favorite mommy bloggers wrote weekly letters to their unborn children while pregnant with them, and many continue to do so once the baby is born. I have wanted to do this for some time now, but I just actually wrote my first letter tonight. Being that I consider writing to be my passion, I am ashamed of the lack of writing and record keeping I have done for Matty thus far. I am hopeful that I can write a letter at least once a month, if not more. I plan to also create a keepsake journal with these letters and some of my other posts for Matty to look back on when he is older.

Dear Matty,

Just put you to bed, and I must say, it has become one of the most rewarding and emotional times of our day. It all starts with you saying your good nights: dada, the trains {the ones that get left behind in the playroom because you can’t carry them all} stuey and lili, your dog tent in the living room even. I can do no justice in attempting to describe how my heart feels when your sweet little voice calls out your good nights. We brush your teeth and then play in mama and dada’s bed for few minutes. Next, we head to your bedroom and change your diaper and put on your pjs. I place you in your crib. You, head turned to the right, stare adoringly at the photo of me and dada that we keep in your crib, trains clasped in your hands. I stare at you for a few minutes, unwilling to turn out the light and leave you. I want to scoop you back up and cover you in kisses and bring you into bed with mama and dada. Only I know better, because you will never go to sleep in our bed because you will think it is playtime. I turn out the light and wonder what you will dream of tonight. May they be as sweet as you. Good night baby boy.



Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Love & Victory {is mine!}

I found out today that I won a giveaway over at one of my very favorite blogs, Bleubird! It was for a beautiful decanter set from Love & Victory. I cannot wait to find the perfect spot for it in our home.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Music Monday

Why in the world I am already relating songs to the time when Matty will eventually leave home and go off to pursuit his passion, I have no idea. Ha, but tonight's song makes me think of just that, complete with chills and tears. I hope you enjoy Michael Franti's "I Got Love for You" as much as I did.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

I love you oh so well, like a kid loves candy and fresh snow.

Guess what? It's snowing/sleeting/freezing raining AGAIN. I am ready for spring and the thaw that accompanies it, but I do appreciate the beauty of winter. This is a shot I took during the ice storm earlier this week:

Unfortunately, I have not taken Matty out into the snow to play at all this year! And now it is all jagged and crunchy because it is covered with ice. But have no fear, there is talk of some super spectacular snow storm next week, so perhaps I'll have the opportunity to do so with a fresh batch.  I still need to pick him up snow boots. Just call me Slacker mom for now on, thank you very much.

I would like to say happy birthday to my ridiculously cool grandma. No worries, Gigi! We will be celebrating tonight regardless of the weather! Matty's napping right now so that he is ready to party with ya later.  Put on your dancing shoes ;)

Even though it's my grandma's birthday today, I can't help but think of my grandpa in heaven.  My grandma and grandpa were soul mates and I'm sure that even though we try to make her day super special, it just doesn't compare to what my grandpa would have done here's to you grandma and grandpa.  I love you both oh so well...