About Me

I am a soon to be 30-year-old (eeeek!) mother and wife. My husband Matt and I have been married for 8 years. In September 2006 we bought out first home...yay us! Then came a baby boy pug and a year later, a baby girl pug. And a lot of fur! My vacuum and I have a love/hate relationship.

In December 2007, I graduated (finally) with a BA in English from Kutztown University. It was a long road, as I took classes parttime and had to do some creative learning in the form of independent studies and on-line courses, but I had the greatest advisor and she got me through it, as did my fabulous family and my hubby!

On 3/26/2009, our first child was born. Our precious baby boy, Matty, is my heart. Every emotion I feel is more intense: love, happiness, pain even...I've always been an emotional person, but I feel so much more everything now.

Photography is one of my passions and of course, Matty is my favorite subject :) I like to experiment with the manual settings on my digital camera and also edit many of my pictures with GIMP, but I plan to take a class so that I actually know what I'm doing. Sometimes I like to pretend that I have an eye for good shots, but really I think it's all just a guessing game and luck at this point ;)

Poetry is another great passion of mine. Stay tuned for My Etsy shop coming soon, which will feature many of my poems, including this one here, that I wrote for Matty.