Monday, October 31, 2011

Music Monday

Last night at bedtime, Matty started singing along to "you are my sunshine" with me...we sang it over and over and it was just one of those emotional firsts that I will never forget. His cute little " much I lub you" got me all choked up <3

so tonight I give you one of my favorite versions of a sweet little tune that I can remember my own mother singing to me....


Thursday, October 13, 2011


I'm one week into my 31st year and it's been a good one!

Although I had to work on my birthday, everyone made my day special.

I had lunch at one of my new favorite places, Blondies, complete with candle lighting and happy birthday singing.

When I returned to the office, I found flowers waiting for me from Matty; what a nice surprise!

I also received the prettiest vintage birthday card and handmade vintage flowers from my coworker and dear friend, Mary.

I ended the day with a family dinner and cake.

And they gave me a Cricut! I'm giddy thinking about all of the lovely projects I can now create!

During my 30th year, I learned that life with a two-year-old is challenging, yet absolutely the most rewarding experience. I am excited to continue walking this path with Matty and discovering who he is, as well as who I am, though I could do without the temper and the tantrums...and yes, I do mean from both of us. Mama can be just as ornery at times!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This Is Mine

We have been away visiting friends and family for the past ten days or so, but I am trying to get back into my "normal" groove, whatever that is. While away, I spent a lot of time hanging with Matty, and my three-year-old, neice, Vivi. I heard a lot of "this is mine," staking claim not just to toys, but to things like doors, stairs and even me! 

Well to all you admirers out there, I just want to say, this is MINE :)

One of my favorite moments that I captured while away. More to come.