Monday, December 27, 2010

Music Monday

Today was supposed to be the end of my Christmas vacation, but a power outage at the office gave me an unexpected extra day home! Merry Christmas me! So while Matty naps, I get to do my Music Monday post.  And it's before 9 p.m.! Unheard

This morning, I also was able to spend some time catching up on my favorite blogs and I'm so glad I did. Moriah over at Josiah's Nest shared a song that I find beautiful and uplifting: Chris McClarney's version of "God of Our Yesterdays". I have been feeling so blessed these days and this song reinforces that feeling. I know that our life is in His hands, and that no matter what we face or how down we may be, there is always so much for which to be grateful. I have friends and family who are being challenged in many different ways these days, but I hope this song can bring some comfort and peace.


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