Thursday, October 13, 2011


I'm one week into my 31st year and it's been a good one!

Although I had to work on my birthday, everyone made my day special.

I had lunch at one of my new favorite places, Blondies, complete with candle lighting and happy birthday singing.

When I returned to the office, I found flowers waiting for me from Matty; what a nice surprise!

I also received the prettiest vintage birthday card and handmade vintage flowers from my coworker and dear friend, Mary.

I ended the day with a family dinner and cake.

And they gave me a Cricut! I'm giddy thinking about all of the lovely projects I can now create!

During my 30th year, I learned that life with a two-year-old is challenging, yet absolutely the most rewarding experience. I am excited to continue walking this path with Matty and discovering who he is, as well as who I am, though I could do without the temper and the tantrums...and yes, I do mean from both of us. Mama can be just as ornery at times!


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