Saturday, January 21, 2012

first snow, first post.

Overnight, we had our first snowfall of 2012! First one this winter actually. For the occassion, I thought I would write my first blog post of 2012. I am failing miserably at my 2012 goal of writing more, but we're only 21 days in; plenty more year to make up for it.

It was a special snow day because hubby got to enjoy it with us! He used to plow in the winter, but a job change back in May means we get to spend snow days together from now on. Hubby being home for a snow storm also means that I didn't have to shovel our walk or clean off my own car for the first time in years. Good deal!

After we thawed out with some homemade chicken soup, we decorated salt dough hearts.  

The best part of today was a little convo between Matty and myself this morning:

Me: You're my best friend, Matty. Matty: You're my best friend too. Me: Forever? Matty: Yes. I'm going to take care of you, Mama." awwwwwww!


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