Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Late Starts

Yesterday, snow and ice forced a late start and reinforced my longing to be a stay at home mama {or at least a work at home mama}. I love getting up early and tidying the house, sipping on my coffee, and slowly making my way into the day. Speaking of coffee, I think I am developing a coffee cup addiction. Drinking coffee out of a pretty cup makes it even more enjoyable. { See my newest addition below}.

Sorry for the digression.

As I was saying - late starts - they are bittersweet.

I love the simplicity of the early morning: reflecting on the previous day and the anticipation of what this new day holds. Most weekday mornings, I don't get to meditate on these things because it is rush, rush, rush.

I love late starts because they allow me the opportunity to listen to and enjoy the noises Matty makes as he wakes, speaking softly to himself, often laughing at some secret only he knows.

Mostly I love them because I actually get to see my baby boy in the a.m.  He is usually still asleep when I leave for work.

On this particular morning, as I dressed him, Matty grasped at my freshly showered hair and said "hair wet." Then I pointed to the snow outside his bedroom window and he said "snow, cool!" He also said a million other cute little phrases that made me smile and cry because I just can't get over how much I LOVE this boy. These little things mean the world and I wish I could experience them all day.

I dislike late starts because they make me really sad when I eventually have to leave for the office.

Leaving him in the hands of family, rather than daycare softens the blow, but still, it breaks my heart.

Would you want to leave this face? Ever? I don't think so. Come on lottery! This little boy is depending on you! ha. :)



Anonymous said...

We've got the snow and ice as well.

Stopping by via the Thursday Hops to say hello.
Have a great day and stop by if you can!

mamastecker said...

Don't worry Debra, Bob plays the power ball every Wed. and Sat. If we win I will make you a stay at home mama...:)))