Monday, March 7, 2011

Music Monday and A Mother's Gift

With Matty's 2nd birthday a little less than three weeks away, there is a lot of thought going into presents and party prep, but I also often reflect on the gifts I want to give him that he will keep for a lifetime. The kind he can't play with, but the kind that will make him smile anyway. The kind that will comfort him. The kind that he will turn to when faced with a dilemma. The kind he will teach his children...

I strive to be a person he can be proud of and look up to; one who instills morals, strong family values and traditions and optimism to name just a few. God willing, I will be around for 60+ more years, but when the day comes that I am no longer physically with him, I pray I'll know that I have done a good job and that Matty will hold close to his heart the many gifts I will have given him. The ones that do not have a price tag attached.

My friend, Joy, lost her mother two years ago and she recently shared a post about their last Christmas together. You can read it here. It is a beautiful display of what every mother wants for her children: to leave footprints on their hearts. Her mom was obviously a lovely lady, as is evident in Joy!

And her mom was very wise, especially when it comes to the Miami Dolphins. Hehe.

In keeping with the mother/child theme, for tonight's song I chose Carole King's, "Child of Mine."



Missy said...

I found you from Take It from Me's blog hop. I agree in looking for meaningful gifts. I love giving gifts that will be treasured forever!

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citymouse said...

Great blog. I love Carole King and enjoyed listening to the song. I love that you do a Music Monday meme. (I have one I do on Tuesdays.)

I've been a mom for so long but when the day is done, I still want all the same things for my kids as I did when they were first born. Very sweet post.

Following you back. Thanks for finding me.