Sunday, February 1, 2009

All You Need is Love

Below is a poem that I wrote about a year ago. Following the original is a revision that I just made for submission to Blue Mountain Arts. The original was way too short for the greeting card market. I was inspired to do a whole senses theme...


saturday sounds like

the absence of an alarm


playful puppy whimpers

commence the day

bare toes

on carpet

offer comfort

to our souls


Saturday sounds like

the absence of an alarm.

Instead, playful puppy whimpers

commence the day.

Saturday feels like

bare toes on carpet.

Ten dancers, ten dreamers,

reveling in the sand.

Saturday tastes like

coffee, banana pancakes.

Slow meals inspire us

to savor simplicity.

Saturday smells like

fabric softener, fresh cut grass.

We catch it as it floats

through an open window.

Saturday looks like

a black and white photograph.

A depiction of love

preserved in glass.

Our senses seduce our minds,

allow us to leave behind

the week before,

to ignore the week ahead

so that we can just be,




1 comment:

Rebecca said...

love it! I wish I could slow down and enjoy my saturdays more. Right now they're just like any other day of the week!