Sunday, June 12, 2011

slow down sunday

Yesterday was all about chores, but today was rather lazy and perfect. We started out at Target where we purchased a Diego potty seat so we are all set for potty training now {tonight was the second night in a row that Matty pee peed on the potty before bed!} Oh and we also bought him water shoes for our upcoming trip to Great Wolf Lodge.

Matty went down for his nap by noon. I did a little tidying up, ate lunch and hubs and I were just about to choose a movie for an impromptu afternoon date on the couch, when Matty woke up earlier than usual. A little disappointed at first, but that's ok because I got to play logs with my love instead:

He gets really excited when he accomplishes something these days and starts crying out "I did it, I did it" in the sweetest little voice. It is the cutest thing. He does also get frustrated when he thinks he can't do something, which we experienced a few times this afternoon when he had issues getting the logs to stay together. I tell him to calm down and encourage him to keep trying. He loves to "try." That is one of his most used phrases these days..."I try it, I try it." He wants to try everything he sees mama and dada doing, especially when it comes to cooking and fixing stuff with tools. It's amazing. He is just amazing.

Now that the boy is in bed {we struggled a bit tonight, I think because he was overtired}, it is finally time for that date on the couch with big Matty ;)

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Night!

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