Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

My Wordless Wednesday posts aren't normally very wordless and tonight's is no exception.  I think tonight's will be even wordier than usual. I'm just not good at posting a photo with no explanation, guess that's why I love writing!

Tonight, I'm posting a series of photos that I've named "Accidents Happen." For those of you familiar with Thomas the Tank Engine, I'm sure you know the tune. Perhaps you hate the tune. I'm quickly starting to.

Haha, actually I love our little routine that has recently developed as a result of the song. Matty makes me sing it while he gives each of his trains a chance to crash off of the bridge...

Unfortunately, we recently had a real life accident situation.  Hubby was in an accident during that crazy October snowstorm this past Saturday.  He was fine, thankfully!  And the funny thing is that he just admitted to me tonight that as his truck was towed away, in his head he was singing none other than... "accidents happen now and again, just when you least expect...if you don't concentrate on the thing that you're doing, accidents will happen just like that!" Gotta love that cheeky train and all of his pals. They sure now how to embed themselves in our brains {and our hearts too}!


Veronica Lee said...

My boys were big fans of Thomas the Tank Engine. I had watched the series with them so many times until I could narrate a couple of the stories word by word like Ringo Starr!!

Glad your hubby is safe.

Deb said...

Thanks Veronica!