Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm Back!

Wow! It has been over a year since I posted last. To think, I hadn't even given birth to my little monkey yet! Well I think I have finally gotten a handle on being a mom, all the while juggling a full-time job, a house and a husband ( your dreams, you say) and I'm ready to make a serious attempt at blogging again.

The blog name has changed to Since That Moment, which is the title of the poem in my last blog post on 3.19.2009. I found it to be fitting. I'm not the same person and this is life through my eyes, since that moment. Life is crazier, but so much sweeter.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my Forum post & for Following me :) I'm following back! Take care :)

Deb said...

Thanks! I look forward to reading your blog :)