Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Monkey

I finally got my act together and bought Matty his Halloween costume.

We really had no clue as to what he should be, but Dada suggested Superman and I saw that Old Navy had them, so we headed there. Being that it is only a few short days away until Halloween, the choices were slim, but on the bright side, they were 40% off! We ended up with a monkey costume, basically because it was the only boy costume left in Matty's size. 

When we put it on him, he took off, darting in and out of clothing racks, full of joy!  We knew it was the perfect costume for his personality and he barely seemed to notice it, which means it is comfortable, a very important factor!

Trick-or-treat in our town is on Friday night, so pictures of Matty the monkey will follow soon!



Kimberley said...

Hi there! New follower from Welcome Wednesday. Cute blog and I love the monkey costume! Drop on by if you get the chance, thanks!


Xenia said...

Hey! That's my monkey as well! :)

I bought this same costume two or three years ago almost new at a garage sale - my older daughter wore it twice and now my younger daughter is donning it this year. It gets a lot of compliments!