Saturday, October 30, 2010

Snow White and the Little Monkey

Last night was trick-or-treat in our town and my mom and niece, Juliana, joined us.  We fed the kiddos dinner and then it was time to put on the costumes and head on out.  I was glad that the weather cooled down; trick-or-treat when it is humid and 70 just doesn't feel right!  I was beginning a cold {which is in full swing today...poo} but I welcomed the crisp autumn air.

Matty wasn't too excited about getting dressed:

Once we were outside though, he was all about trick-or-treat:

My beautiful niece Juliana makes a lovely Snow White, don't ya think?

Matty was handing out his own sweets...he was full of kisses last night!

Matty and Juliana lasted about an hour and 15 minutes before he started to get cranky and she got tired. {Dada appeared to be a bit disappointed in the size of our candy}  There was a lot of "when I was a kid" stories...haha! After I persuaded Dada, we went home, the monkey went to bed, and Snow White enjoyed pizza and chocolate milk. The End.


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