Friday, November 19, 2010

Ring Around A Rosie

The smell of Friday...gotta love it! Friday evening seems like the perfect time to reflect on my favorite memories of the week. Maybe I'll make this a new weekly post. I don't want to commit though. It's too much pressure!

A few weeks ago, I taught Matty Ring Around a Rosie and he loved it. We do it daily, and just this week, he decided he wanted his "friends" to participate. Him and I were ringing around a rosie right before bedtime. We got halfway through and he stopped, dropped my hands and ran over to his rocking chair. He proceeded to pick up a stuffed animal that was on the chair and he brought him into the circle! It was too precious. I wanted to laugh and cry! We began again, with the little red and white doggie that we gave Matty for V-day, and yet again, we get halfway through and Matty stops. He runs back over to the rocking chair and grabs Curious George {this was my Curious George as a!}. And don't ya know it, Matty brings George into the circle and now that everyone is included, we can finish the song :)

Then, last night, Matty, Matt and I were in the playroom and Matty motioned to me that he wanted to do Ring Around a Rosie. We started, got a few seconds in, and Matty stopped, said dada, and ran over to Matt to pull him up off the couch. The three of us did Ring Around a Rosie a few was my favorite memory this week!

What else? Well, this week, those apples I was bragging about turned into a not so cool game...Matty decided that once he gets bored with the apple, it is fun to spit out the pieces and stomp on them. 

Also this week, we bought concert tickets for The Avett Brothers on NYE in Asheville, NC!  Take some time to check them out and watch this video; it's one of my favs.
We'll be meeting friends that we adore and are so so excited!   It will be a nice little getaway and a fun start to the New Year, but we'll surely miss our lil monkey.

Today, I had the day off which meant extra Matty and Mama time! After breakfast, which included apples of course, we decided to venture outside to play with the dogs, despite the chilly temp.  Mama was cold, but Matty and the pups didn't seem to notice.

In the afternoon, we went to the park with Nana, Papa and Juliana. Besides snack time, Matty's favorite part was the swings:

Matty and his Papa

It was a great week, if you don't count the Miami Dolphins loss last night...boy oh boy, did I have an unhappy hubby on my hands.

Next week will be fun.  On Sunday, our KC family invades {and I mean that in the most loving way possible} for the holiday and it is always a blast.  Speaking of the holiday, if anyone has any fab Thanksgiving dishes, I'd love if you would share them!

Happy weekending all!

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