Monday, November 1, 2010

Music Monday

Counting Crows version of Big Yellow Taxi is my song of choice tonight. My husband and I love Counting Crows and Matty is following in our footsteps...he can't get enough of dancing to this song as well as Hanginaround.

Matty's dance moves have really developed in the past few weeks!  It's the cutest darn thing. He has this signature move he does with is arm {love it} and his face, it's so serious; you can tell he's super focused!  There's video of it here, but I think only those of you with Facebook accounts can view it, so I will have to post some more very soon.

Back to my song choice: the basic message is appreciate what you have without trying to change it because change isn't always a good thing.


1 comment:

Steph S. said...

I LOVE this song!!! One of my faves!