Sunday, April 3, 2011

Saturday, Sunday and Sundae

Sunday night, ah. A great time to unwind with a glass of wine and relive the weekend...

Saturday was the first day of trout fishing in our area, so we packed up and headed to the pond bright and early.  Matty is still not old enough to really focus on fishing; nonetheless, a good time was had.  Matty helped dada reel in a few fish (and gave them each a kiss), rearranged Pop Pop's tackle box, dug in the water at the pond's edge, explored the premises and ran around with his cousin, Juliana and the other children.

We got home around noon, took a bath and attempted to nap.  Matty just would not sleep so after a while, I gave up on the nap and set him up on the living room couch where he was content to watch Curious George.

In the evening, my fam came over.  Hubby and my dad stayed back to play cards, while the girls (+Matty)  headed to a local outdoor mall, The Promenade Shops, to get the kids some new shoes at Stride Rite.  Matty got sneakers and a pair of sandals, but for awhile there it appeared as though he might take home Thomas rain boots. I saw one on display and for some silly reason, I thought it would be a good idea to let him try it on.  Well then he didn't want to take it off to try on any other shoes.  He happily stumbled around the store in a size 10 boot.  When it became apparent that I might have to buy the boots, I asked the saleswoman to bring me out an 8.5.  She looked, but the only pair they had in the whole store was the display, so she brought the the matching boot out. The one that had been on display was discolored and she offered a discount, but Matty could not walk around for any extended period of time in them without falling and doing some serious damage. That said, we needed something to distract from the Thomas boot. Enter Thomas raincoat.

Nana ended up buying it to keep us all sane :)

Today, hubby was not feeling well, so he rested, while Matty and I headed to the park with my fam:

We spent lots of time outside this weekend and I feel rejuvenated!

And did you know that today is supposedly the 119th anniversary of the first ice cream sundae being made?  Of course our family has celebrated this occasion being that we are still finishing up leftovers from Matty's birthday party last weekend! Happy ice cream eating!


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