Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Bath Time Edition

This was one of Matty's first baths!  He has since learned to love bath time, however; the past few times I have attempted to give him a bath, it has not turned out very well. I tell him it's bath time and he starts to climb up the stairs like he's all for it. He's fine with undressing and even gets in the tub and starts playing with his toys, but after about a minute, he starts crying and begins to climb out...I hope it passes quickly. I had to get hubby to come in last night and help me keep him the tub so that I could wash the soap off.  After that, he was fine, and sat and played for a bit. He has never liked getting the shampoo rinsed from his hair, and I think lately he is anticipating that part of bath time and perhaps he is trying to avoid it!  Hopefully, he gets over his fear soon!


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Shauna said...

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