Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Page Look

I'm experimenting with my page design, so if it looks awful at any given time, don't let that scare you away; I promise I'm trying to make it pretty! Do you like my new header? Be nice because I think it's cute! I'm not sure though if it is weird because it isn't centered? Haven't figured that out yet, so if you know, tell me. Pretty please. Thanks.


Christy said...

Cool! If your header is in an HTML box, just add < center > (without the spaces) right before the html code.

Mama Karen said...

I think the header is cute!

Danielle said...

Love your header too!

Following you through Tag Along Tuesday!!


Jhen.Stark said...

Cute header! Christy's way is perfect... but if it isnt an html and you just uploaded a picture using the original blogspot upload, try resizing it to 1000px width and it should fit the entire header space.

Deb said...

Thanks guys!

I did use the original blogger upload, and I finally just figured out where to put some css that I googled to make it centered. I am so slow figuring this stuff out, and althoug hit is frustrating, it's fun.