Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Sorry for being a terrible blogger this past week, but we left last Wednesday for Indiana and now we are in Kansas City, MO. Remember the anxiety I was having about leaving Matty home for the Indiana portion of the trip and then flying alone with him to KC? Well hubby and I made a last minute decision to bring him to Indiana as well. We just couldn't stand to be away from him for five whole days ! He was a super road tripper and was a very good boy while in Indy. He met a lot of our friends who absolutely adored him.  He was especially fond of our friend Annie:

We took him to the Columbian Park Zoo in Lafayette. It was the cutest little zoo and admission was free! Matty loved seeing the wallabies, petting the billy goats, and chasing the chickens, but his favorite part was sitting on this tractor.  He didn't want to give anyone else a turn!

Now we are visiting my brother-in-law and his family in KC.  Friday we'll be heading to the American Royal BBQ Competition in which my brother-in-law's catering business, Savage Barbeque, will be competing.  Lots of fun in store for sure!  I probably won't be blogging regularly again until the end of next week, but I will try and check in.  I hope you all are well!


Lana said...

Hey! You were in my back yard, well almost! We are north of Lafayette! Don't you love that zoo? Did you eat at Arnie's by the park or the Frozen Custard? These are two HUGE go to places for us locals.

The world is always much smaller than we think!

Deb said...

The zoo was awesome!

I've been to Arnie's on previous trips, but never to Frozen Custard; I will have to go there next time!

I know, it's crazy how small the world it! :)