Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"What's for Dinner?" Wednesday

I was a bit of a slacker tonight...dinner was simple, consisting of steaks on the grill, left over zucchini pie and sweet potatoes. I had plans to make beef and broccoli with fried rice, but Matty would not have it...he wanted 100% of me tonight, and who am I to deny the love of my life the attention he deserves? :) So dada had to deal with plain ole steak -- four of them to be exact...he didn't want any sides, so meat it was! Granted, they were petite steaks, but still, he ate four!!

Matty on the other hand, hardly ate anything for dinner. He had a few bites of sweet potatoes and zucchini, but he was more interested in venturing outside and playing with the neighborhood dogs. His appetite has dwindled lately...anyone else with an "almost 18-month-old" experiencing the same thing?



Erica K said...

following from friendly friday.

It was about 18 months when my oldest started to slow down on eating then when she turned two it went crazy again.

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Xenia said...

I don't think that sounds like a slacker dinner at all - my husband would be really happy if 4 steaks showed up on his plate!

Kids and eating is always a confusing one. After a while I finally adopted the mentality that if they're hungry, they'll eat. If not, they won't. Nothing more that you can do about, but they're never going to starve.

So glad to have featured your great blog on Friendly Friday! Thanks for joining us and have a great weekend!